Chromatography Columns
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Evolve® Columns

The Evolve® Column is designed specifically for use in Biopharmaceutical Applications. The column can be used in pilot or production scale Chromatographic processes. The range incorporates a new design concept whereby the wetted components can be replaced by a simple operation using a column refresh kit. This maximises the economics as well as suits the demands of contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) and contract development manufacturing organisations (CDMO) in the ever-changing global marketplace.

  • Range of sizes and adjustable bed height
  • Scalable from 2L to 76L
  • Non-metallic flowpath across the range
  • Column refresh kits available across the range

Evolve® is a registered trademark in EU, UK and USA.

70, 100 & 140mm

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200 & 250mm

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350 & 450mm

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