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Bio-Pharmaceutical Applications

Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the EVOLVETM Columns.

Measurement of the pressure drop from the column inlet through a water filled column to the column outlet means that any contributing pressure drop due to pipework, valves or pumping system can be eliminated. The tests were performed at ambient temperature 15-20oC using DI filtered water.
Using DI filtered water at ambient temperature, all columns can be operated at linear flowrate of 1000cm/hr with a pressure drop of less than 1bar, (14.5psi).

70 - 100 - 140 - 200 - 250mm Columns

The 70mm and 100mm column are fitted with a 3mm diameter flowtube. A diameter of this size prevents over dilution and poor flow characteristics at low flowrates but still offers a low pressure drop to enable high flowrates to be used.

The 140mm,200mm and 250mm diameters are fitted with a 6mm flow tube allowing high flowrates to be utilized.

pressure curves

350mm Column

Pressure drop information for the Evolve 350 is presented separately in the curve below. The Evolve 350 column is fitted with hydrophilic bed supports which differ in construction from the polypropylene mesh bed support used in the Evolve column range of diameters 70-250mm. These bed supports have a mean pore size of 10 μm and the inherent properties of the polymer and thickness of the material generate a higher inherent pressure drop.

350 pressure curve