Delta Precision Ltd.
Bio-Pharmaceutical Applications

350mm column
Technical Specifications
Cat Number AB35050
Tube ID mm 350
Cross Sectional area cm2 962
Maximum Bed Height 500
Minimum Bed Height 20
Max Column Volume L 48
Adjustable Capacity L 46
Pressure Rating 4 Bar
58 psi
Operating Temperature 2-30oc
Bed support Pore Size μm 10μm
Weights and Dimensions
Total weight empty Kg 100
Adjuster weight Kg
Total Weight Full* Kg 150
Maximum diameter inc. casters/feet mm 780
Maximum height mm 1600
Minimum clearance** mm 1620

* Based on bed height of 500mm and specific gravity 1.05

** Minimum height required to remove adjuster from tube unit.

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