Delta Precision Ltd.
Bio-Pharmaceutical Applications

The Evolve<sup>™</sup> Column Range Please click here for further Information

The Evolve range of columns can be purchased through our partner company, Prometic Bioseparations.

We offer a full range of Chromatography columns and accessories as supplied in the highly acclaimed 'EVOLVE' column range and customised design columns along with process revolutionary EBA columns at laboratory and production scale for Prometic Bioseparations and Biotechfow Ltd. respectively.

Delta Precision Ltd. is a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance accredited company with established customer bases in Europe, Asia and North America.

Delta Precision Ltd.

Delta Precision Ltd have established a strong partnership with Prometic Separations, BioTechflow and MA controls with which to enhance their technical expertise and product offering for their customers.

A new design concept in a range of pilot and production scale chomatography columns incorporating an 'Eco Friendly' single use 'wetted parts' exchange option to maximise economy and suit the modern demands of downstream protein purification and contaminant removal operations. The design standard is proven best in class for repeatable performance on a wide range of biopharmaceutical media types. Available from Prometic Separations.

fluid handling Fluid Handling Systems

Plastic valves, hoses, pipe spools, manifolds and seals, all with plastic tri-clover/ladish connections.

refurbishments Refurbishments

Delta Precision operate a refurbishment service that will cost effectively restore your equipment to a ‘virtually new state’ to maximise the value of your investment.


ProMetic provides REFRESH KITS to replace all the wetted parts of your used Evolvetm Proess Columns, contact us for more information:

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1. Hygenic - Prevents cross contamination between multiple protein applications & eliminates the need to prove clearance of previous product & cleaning validation

2. Economical - Refresh Kits offer significant cost savings in comparison to purchasing a complete new column

3. Environmentally Friendly - ProMetic will recycle your old process columns minimising waste

eco friendly